My name is Gabe...

And I want to help you reach your fitness goals.

I remember being a young kid starting out at a commercial gym. My friends and I would get together at the gym and wander from machine to machine. We would copy exercises we saw "fit people" doing. and do our best to replicate them.

One time, we saw this guy jumping up on the Plyometric boxes at the gym. He was crushing it! He was easily jumping 3 1/2- 4 feet in the air for several repetitions at a time. I had to try it! After he left, my friends and I grabbed the boxes. I was the first of my friends up and I was nervous. I never did a box jump in my life and I was about to try to jump as high as the superhero looking guy we just saw.

My friends gathered around...

And in front of the tons of people in the gym that day...

I took a few  steps for momentum...

jumped as high as I could and...

Missed the edge of the box and fell flat on my back.

Luckily, I wasn't hurt (besides my ego). My friends were howling laughing and that was a terrible experience for me. I realized here, we really didn't know what we were doing in a gym at all. We had no rhyme or reason for anything in our training. And unfortunately at the time, our results showed exactly that.

Lucky for me, I started learning about exercise physiology, anatomy, and some of the finer aspects of training. I got stronger, faster, and healthier as my knowledge grew (And my box jumps got much, much better). I was so enthusiastic about this that I started my studies to be a Personal Trainer. Fast forward a few years, a couple Personal Training certifications, and countless clients lives changed later- And I have been in the fitness industry quite a while now. I have worked in big box gyms, martial arts studios, physical therapy clinics, and more.

As a personal trainer, I have been fortunate enough to work with a wide range of clients over the years. I've trained tons of different people from different ages and walks of life. I've been lucky to enough to experience training people who have never exercised a day in their life to having the privilege of working with professional athletes.

I created GCAL Fitness as a way of spreading my philosophies and training methods to help as many people as I can. Please feel free to check out the website in its entirety. Check out some of my blog posts for free information on health and fitness, follow me on social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc.), and feel free to contact me via email or phone call for more information on training.

Take care!

Gabe Calvento

Fitness Specialist


BJJ Brown Belt