I want to help you reach your goals

Personal Training / Semi Private Group Training

Are you trying to burn fat, build muscle, and move better? Do you want to learn how to make working out a habit and truly make fitness a part of your lifestyle?

Well, I want to help.

My approach to Personal Training is very simple. I want to build lasting relationships with clients by providing the best service possible to help you reach your goals.

So whether it's burning fat, building muscle, changing body composition, or improving athleticism...I can help.

I carefully construct a personalized, progressive workout program dependent upon client goals, current fitness level, nutritional habits, and other factors. 

Each of these training sessions consist of resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, stretching, and more- dependent upon the client and the goal of that particular workout session.  My programs are available in small group, partner, or specialized One on One program options.


Strength & Conditioning for Athletes

Looking for an athletic edge over the competition?

Over the years, I have worked with athletes from all walks of life. From basketball players to mixed martial arts fighters, beginning amateurs to professional athletes...I have trained them all. I have a well rounded approach to training athletes to ensure that they can give their best showings on game day.

Strength, Explosiveness, Flexibility, Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention, and more are all key components of Athletic Training Programs.

Although I have worked with tons of different athletes, I certainly hold a specialty in combat athletes (Mixed Martial Arts Fighters, Wrestlers, Boxers, Jiu Jitsu Competitors). I have experience coaching MMA Fighters at the amateur and professional level as well as my own experience in the sport.


(Left to Right): Labib Yasir, Alder Hampel, Professional MMA Fighter- Milton Arguello, and...

That's me!