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EP 62: Adjustments

Adjusting in the gym and in life

EP 61: Muscle Soreness

Is it a indicator of a good workout?

EP 60: Chest Workout Log

How John and I killed a Chest/ Triceps Workout in 25 minutes flat

EP 59: Bodyweight Training

Can you make gains with just bodyweight training? You bet.

Check this episode out to learn how to make the most out of the least equipment.

DAY 21 of the 2019 Resolution Series

Did you catch the whole series? Day 21 was the alst day but feel free to check back and listen to the whole thing. It’s 3 weeks of Podcast Episodes designed to help you stay on track for your fitness goals in 2019!

EP 58 Agonist/Antagonist Muscle Training

Why training your Back/Chest, Hamstrings/ Quads, Biceps/Triceps are a good idea…