“Changed my life!'“

“GCAL Fitness has changed my life!

This is super personal to me and I’m super hesitant to share, but I think moms and some women can relate with me. A year ago I decided to get out of my depression bubble I was in, and get back into fitness for me. I’ve gained so much weight from surgery, depression, stress, and injuries; it was a very unhappy place. It was hard to crawl out of that hole alone. When I called Gabe and told him I needed help. He was so understanding and supportive. He made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my journey. He worked with my schedule and it was super important because as a mom I needed to find the time to just do it. I’m always running around, but staying consistent to my fitness helped me get here. I still have a long way to go, but Gabe makes sure I’m on it, because there’s days where I don’t want to come in, but he convinces me to keep coming. Thank you Gabe for making me laugh every session, telling me “I got this,” and letting me know I’ve come a long way and my journey is just beginning.” - Jean

I started training with Gabe two years ago and he has completely trasnformed my way of thinking about health and fitness. He’s not only taught me a variety of exercise and nutrition principles but he helped me form good everyday habits that have helped me live a healthier lifestyle. I have tried a few different exercise programs before but nothing has ever kept me as consistent while still constantly challenging me with training as with GCAL Fitness.

— Eleni
PHENOMENAL doesn’t even cut it when describing Gabe’s work. He takes great pride and teaches with such passion that you are left with an amazing experience unlike any other. I have gone through countless of Strength and Conditioning coaches and all of them lacked what Gabe brought to the table. As a fighter, he has really transformed my performance inside and outside the cage. Gabe is hands down the best personal trainer in the San Fernando Valley.
— Milton (Mixed Martial Arts Competitor)
I have been training with Gabe for six months. I am blown away by his dedication to training. He is motivational and knowledgable and molds the workouts to your individual needs as opposed to one workout fits all. In the past I’ve been know to dodge my trainers and hated exercising. Since I started with Gabe I enjoy working out with him and on the days I’m not with him he gives me assignments which I follow religiously. I am a chronic neck and back sufferer but since I started working out with Gabe I have strengthened my core and I ultimately have less medical ailments. Gabe is a treasure and I’m so glad I get to train with the best!!!!
— Naz
Gcal Fitness is a way of life now. As a Mixed Martial Artist/Fighter, I scoured through tons of places and gyms looking for a personal trainer to up my Strength and Conditioning. Gabe was where i stopped my search. Before him, I was lifting weights the wrong way and training my body incorrectly. I explained to him what it was that I did(MMA). In a second, he had a program set up for me that excelled my Body Conditioning and changed the way I currently train. After Gcal, my body is healthier, leaner, stronger, and my Martial Arts are beyond standards.
— Eliot (Mixed Martial Arts Competitor)
When I started with Gabe my balance and strength was poor. I am an older woman and needed someone who knew how to deal with women my age. Jack Pot. Although I complain often of aches and hard work, I go home feeling stronger and self powered to walk taller, walk further, get up easier, and catch falls and slips before they happen.
Sessions are pleasant with Gabe’s humor and motivation.
Try him, you will see results and like him.
— Annette
I’ve been working with Gabe for the past couple months and I can confidently say his guidance and routines that I now use at the gym have helped me tremendously. One of my main concerns was doing exercises correctly to avoid injury and able to get the most out of a gym routine. His knowledge is absolutely superb, I learned so much about how my body and muscles function as we went through each exercise. I would highly recommend GCAL Fitness not only weight loss or athletic goals, but also having the knowledge and understanding of what you’re doing when you’re at the gym to get the most out of your workouts.
— Pasha