Know Your Why

EP 1: Your “Why”

Hey everyone! My name is Gabe Calvento and I am a Fitness Specialist Certified Personal Trainer in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles, California. The first and main thing I want to say is that I want to try to share some of my passion, information, and experience on health and fitness with anybody who would be interested in that. So hopefully this blog post provides value for you. I would love to interact with any one of you so feel free to give me a like or share on here or shoot me a message. You can tweet me, you can message me on Instagram, whatever and I'd love to talk to any one of you. I promise to respond.

For today, what I want to talk about is, similar to my why. I could obviously get very in-depth with somebodys why but I want to keep it short so I can provide quick value.

So your "Why?"

  • Why are you reading a Health and fitness blog?
  • Why do you exercise?
  • Why do you go to the gym?
  • Why do you why do you track your calories?
  • Why do you watch to eat?

Why do you do any of the things you do if you're already on your fitness journey? If you're not already on your fitness journey then you need to think long and hard as to why you want to be on one.

This should and could go pretty deep if you let it. I definitely have had some people tell me they just want to lose some weight or "tone up" or "I want to look good." And there's nothing wrong with any of those. Those are all totally fine reasons.

That’s fine but I really... Really... Really... Encourage you to spend time thinking about it. Think about why do I want to go to the gym? Why do I want to feel better? Why do I want to be healthy? If you told me, you want to be healthy I would ask you why. I do that all the time with new clients to be honest.

  • “Why do you want to be healthy sir?"
  • "Well you know I want to take care of myself."
  • "Why? Why do you want to take care of yourself?
  • "Because I know it's good for me."
  • "OK. (I'm going to dig deeper) Why is it good for you? What is it that you're trying to avoid by going to the gym? Or what is it you're trying to conquer by going to the gym? What is it that you're looking for from it?

And usually I'll get a good answer eventually. It may not be the first session. Maybe later on whatever it is and that's fine. You know no one's forcing you to open up right away but eventually you're going to start to realize your why. You will finally admit to yourself that you have a health or a host family issues. Exercise tends to relieve the tension.

There's nothing wrong with that. And you don't even have to share it with a lot of people. But it's important that you know your why because if you know it, you can build upon that you can say, "OK I can set proper goals because I know my why. I know why I do what I do and I do it for _______."

That is concrete motivation and that's what can create discipline. You can become disciplined if you know what you're trying to do. People always told me, "Oh I need a trainer because I'm not motivated to go to the gym." Well if I have to motivate you every time... Honestly you'll probably fall off eventually to be quite frank. And any trainer that tells you otherwise, it's just because they want to sell you something.

Look I can motivate and I can help but eventually what I am teaching is discipline. And motivation, as good as it is, and I use motivation as well, it is fleeting.

Discipline will keep you going back. It'll keep every time the alarm goes off in the morning you go do cardio before you have to go to work. It will keep you honest to keep you on your game. That, to me, is extremely important.

So think about it. Spend time thinking about why you're reading or listening to this. Why?

There's no wrong answer here. Spend some time. Get after it.

So thank you for being with me. I honestly and truly want to help. I want to provide helpful information. This is my passion.

Fitness and exercise have become a huge passion for me but not as much as people and helping others.

I can't wait to tell you guys more about me in the future. I can't wait to interact and get to know all of you. So thank you all very much for reading/listening. Again, my name is Gabe. I'm from GCAL Fitness in Woodland Hills, California and I appreciate you. Take care!



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